1958 Gibson Explorer reproduction (Corina)


This is an exact copy and reproduction of a 58 Gibson Explorer. The guitar was built from purchased templates that were created from measurements taken from an actual 58 Explorer. The body and neck of the guitar are made from actual Corina (White Limba) which is what was used on the originals. The finish colour is natural and the finish itself is nitrocellulose lacquer. All the parts are actual Gibson parts including the pickups. The neck fingerboard is rosewood and the truss rod adjustment is at the headstock. This is a set neck guitar, the pickguard is white black white, all hardware is gold and the headstock face is painted black.

This guitar is an absolute joy to play and sounds fantastic. For those who don’t know, Corina is considered by many musicians and others to be the best tone wood in the world for electric guitars and that is why it was chosen by Gibson when they created the first Explorers and Flying V’s in the late 50’s. Corina is native to West Africa and there is very little of this wood available in North America.

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