65 Guild Thunderbird Restoration (Crème)



This is a very rare guitar with only about 150 made world-wide and was not popular back in the day; this is why they stopped making them. Today they are collectable and valuable in good condition. Muddy Waters was known to have played one back in the 60’s. The before picture shows the poor condition it was in when it came into the shop. The entire guitar was stripped and refinished in a vintage crème nitro finish. Some parts were missing which had to be custom made such as the small sliding switch cover (chrome), the pick-guard, etc. The metal switch plates were re-chromed. The electronics were a mess and finding a wiring schematic took months of looking. The headstock was delaminating and took considerable effort to repair and restore as it was in very poor condition. This guitar was known for its built in guitar stand mounted on the back of the body.