Gibson SG Conversion



Look at the before picture closely. Note the type of bridge and tail piece. Also note the pick guard shape and how the pick guard covers the routing for the P90 pick-ups. The large pick-up routings had to be filled in and re-routed so that the pick-ups just fit in (when there is no pick guard covering the pick-ups) as shown in after pictures. Basically the whole center portion of the guitar had to be routed & removed; a new piece of mahogany installed, leveled & a veneer mahogany cap installed. Then the body was re-routed for the P90’s and wrap-a-round bridge. Note that there is now no tail piece. The entire guitar was refinished in vintage crème. One other thing, the shape of the horns on the body were re-profiled and shaped like the early 60’s models. The guitar now has the look of an early 60’s vintage Gibson SG……a much nicer guitar for sure.