“My Twangy Guitar” Conversion



This guitar was original a plain wine metallic Fender Telecaster that has undergone a complete transformation. If you go to YouTube and enter “My Twangy Guitar” you will see a similar guitar to this one. The goal was to convert the wine metallic Fender Tele to a Twangy Orange guitar look by using the existing guitar body, neck and hardware.

This required installing white binding on both sides of the Tele as well as stripping the body down to the bare wood and squaring up the guitar edges. This colour required an orange primer first, then an orange paint and finally a clear coat of Polyurathane. The guitar has a very brilliant and noticeable look about it and with the New Lollar custom pick-ups installed, it can really twang out the blues. The conversion has really changed the look and sound of this guitar. The white binding front and back really sets this guitar off with the twangy orange colour and the tortoiseshell pick-guard looks fantastic with this colour.